Local 223 Safety Director Todd Burger Champions Safety

Nearly 3.5 million people suffered work-related injuries and 5,147 lost their lives on the job in 2017. While the toll of workplace injuries remains high, individuals such as Local 223 Safety Director Todd Burger are tirelessly working to improve safety within the utility industry. As a full-time safety director working at DTE Energy, Burger advocates for bringing first aid supplies, protective gear and industry standards that prevent devastating workplace injuries.

Burger successfully pushed to bring critical safety equipment to DTE facilities including trauma kits called Mobilized Rescue Systems. The supplies included in the kits offer a high level of care in case of an accident including tourniquets, gloves, EMT shears and blood-clotting medicine. According to Burger’s colleagues Jim Finch and Leroy Huckleberry, in Burger members have a trusted advisor and safety advocate they can bring concerns to with anonymity and without concern about reciprocity.

For more information about Todd’s role check out the latest edition of THE UTILITY WORKER MAGAZINE. Reach out to John “Scotty” MacNeill, UWUA National Safety Director at JOHN.MACNEILL@UWUA.NET for more information on how to form your own safety committee.


Dave Cafagna

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