1932Election of FDR
1935National Labor Relations Act enacted
1936Re-Election of FDR
1938P.U.C.H.A. passed
1940’sUtility Workers Organizing Committee
1941Industry Nepotism
1943Local 223 Organizing starts by bargaining units
Substations Organized
Conners Creek Organized
Trenton Channel Organized
Underground Lines Organized
Construction & Maintenance Organized
Shops Division Organized
Buildings & Properties Organized
Marysville Organized
Delray Organized
Motor Transportation Organized
1944Meter Reading Organizes
1945World War II ends
1947Company strategy to keep union divided
1950Detroit Edison construction phase starts
1951Stores Division leaves I.B.E.W.
1953Stores Division votes to join Local 223
1955AFL & CIO Merge to strengthen unions
1956Central Heating Organizes
1957Lay-off construction
1959Landrum Griffin Act passed
1960’sResidential growth
St. Clair Organizes
Civil rights movement
1963Fermi I’s first sustaining chain reaction achieved
1965The War in Vietnam escalates
Mass Hiring at Detroit Edison
1966Strike and lost C.O.L.A.
River Rouge Organizes
1967Suburban Growth
Fermi I suffers a partial meltdown
1968Harbor Beech & Meter Department Organize
1969Strike – Local 223 gets C.O.L.A. back
Gas deregulation
1970Started construction of Fermi II
Discrimination Lawsuit against Detroit Edison and Local 223
1971Monroe Organizes
NLRB adopts Collyer Policy
Construction and Maintenance split into separate units
1972Fermi II Organizes, bidding limited
One Week Strike over T-10’s
Nixon re-elected ( Richard not Hal)
1973Energy conservation
Oil Crisis
1974Coalition of Labor Woman formed
Employment Retirement Security Act passed
19753 Year Contract Agreement Reached
19783 Year Contract Agreement Reached
1979Environmental standards
Three Mile Island Incident
1980’sMinority hiring
Wildcat strike at Monroe
1980Joyce Miller is first woman elected to AFL/CIO Executive Board
19813 Year Contract Agreement Reached
Union dropped from discrimination suit
13,000 PATCO Members fired
1983I.B.E.W. Local 17 contract settlement
1984Seven week strike over Health Care cost sharing
3 year Contract Agreement Reached
19872 year Contract Extension Reached
19893 year Contract Agreement Reached
Electric Industry Deregulation surfaces
Construction Division dissolves into Substation and Maintenance
1990Macomb Headquartered employees Organize
1991Large buy out resulted in membership deduction
1992The Year of Not Contract negotiation reaches impasse
Company imposes their proposals.
Union works without a contract.
1993Bill Usery attempts to build relationship between Union & Company
Usery assists in reaching 2 year Contract Agreement
19941st OPT Contract, one year Agreement Reached
Grievance load falls from 1200 to over 100 due to the new Union/Management Relationship.
1995Contract expires and new form of contract negotiations (IBB) is used
First ever 4-year agreement is ratified.
1996Beginning of Partnership activities
1997Maintenance and Production Divisions form Power Generation Division per 1995 agreement.
19983 year Contract Extensions offered.
OPT accepts extension
Trades reject extension
Union lobbies for fair deregulation bill.
Unprecedented Successor Clause negotiated.
First ever Local 223 Offsite Conference for General Council members at Treetops Resort in Gaylord.
1999Historical 5 year Contract Agreement.
Office of Labor Management partnership is created.
2000State of Michigan passes Utility Deregulation Bill
Local 223 Major Player in Deregulation Bill
First ever Steward Training classes designed for Local 223 Stewards based on Local 223 Agreement and History.
Classes Presented by Local 223 Executive Board at three locations to nearly 300 stewards.
2001Local 223 Organized the first work group outside the Greater Detroit area adding members from Grand Rapids and Traverse City to the OPT Bargaining Unit.
2002Local 223 signed an agreement to represent workers at a Co-Generation Plant in East China Michigan.
Just under 1000 members of Local 80 of the Service Employees International Union Voted to join Local 223. This Unprecedented merger was brought about by hard work and dedication of the executive boards of both Local 223 and Local 80 as well as the cooperation of the National SEIU and UWUA leadership.
Workers from the General James M. Gavin Power Plant at Cheshire, Ohio voted to become members of Local 223.
This was the first ever Local 223 work group organized outside the State of Michigan.
2005On May 19th Local 223 moves into new Union Hall in Dearborn. The new facility is located in the Fairlane Industrial Park on 15160 North Commerce Road off Greenfield Between Rotunda and Michigan Ave.