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You’re not alone in this!”

Brothers and Sisters, for those who have remote access, please take a few minutes to read the article on mental health that is associated with the above picture. Our very own Brothers, Ignatius “Iggy” Brennan (Gas Division Chair) and Akil Williamson (Underground Division – Vice Chair Elect) spoke on this subject, which is very personal to them.

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Supporting Striking UAW Brothers & Sisters

Brothers and Sisters, the question was asked, “Do we support the UAW’s striking workers?” The answer is yes we do, wholeheartedly. Recently some of our officers went to deliver materials such as food, water, diapers, etc. to Local 900 on their personal time. The picture above is from that delivery. They are Union Brothers and Sisters, their struggle is our struggle. Better wages, benefits, and most of all…RESPECT.. is what they are asking from their employers. That sounds familiar. Unions have set the tone for not only their membership but also the public in general for many years. Vacation time, improved working conditions, and higher levels of safety (and so much more) have been some of the accomplishments of Labor. Unions force employers to treat people with RESPECT.

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