Every member of Local 223 has a duty not to engage in any form of unlawful discrimination. One of the main constitutional objectives of our National Union is to unite all workers in our Union regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin. Local 223’s By-Laws require every member to pledge to never discriminate against a fellow worker because of race, creed, color, sex, age or national origin. The Local 223/DTE Energy contract prohibits discrimination based on race, creed, color sex, age or national origin. Law also prohibits discrimination based on disability. If any member or person represented by Local 223 believes she/he is a victim of prohibited discrimination at work (which could include verbal, physical, or written harassment), the Union is available to assist in the resolution of her/his complaint. The Union is here to represent employees. If you believe that you are experiencing discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability (including harassment), you should communicate your complaint to your Local 223 Steward. The grievance procedure of the Local 223/DTE Energy contract is one method by which an employee can resolve a complaint regarding prohibited discrimination. Every employee also has the right to pursue any claim she/ he may have against any individual of the Company with the appropriate governmental agency or through private litigation. If you feel that a Union Steward or a Local 223 official is part of your complaint or is ignoring your complaint, it is important that you notify one of Local 223’s Human Rights representatives:

Local 223 Union Hall
Phone (313) 320-3845

Any violation of our Union’s policy against discrimination is conduct unbecoming a Union member under Local 223’s By-Laws. Local 223’s Human Rights representatives are responsible for responding to member/employee complaints about Stewards or Union officials who engage in prohibited discrimination or who ignore a complaint about prohibited discrimination. Local 223 believes that it has excellent Stewards and Local officials. However, if you have a complaint that a Steward or a Local official has engaged in prohibited discrimination, or is ignoring a complaint about prohibited discrimination, Local 223 is ready and willing to investigate and remedy such complaint. Local 223’s Human Rights representatives have the authority to initiate appropriate action against Union officials who violate our policy against discrimination, including the ability to file internal Union charges, which can result in removal from office. We urge all members of Local 223 to work with the Union to eradicate discrimination in the workplace.