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Local 223 Text Communication

Sign up to receive texts with Division updates, social event alerts, emails surveys and much more. Start a new text and enter the new Long Code, 8775800223, as the recipient, and second, enter your keyword into the message area of the text.

  • Division – Keyword
  • OPT – 223OPT
  • Underground – 223UGL
  • PowerGen – 223PGD
  • Substations – 223SUB
  • Stores – 223STORES
  • Motor Trans – 223MOTORTRANS
  • Warren Shops – 223SHOPS
  • Gas – 223GAS
  • Fermi – 223FERMI
  • Meter – 223METER
  • Transmission Trades – 223ULC
  • Facilities – 223FMS

Keywords have no space between numbers and letters. Once you send the text, you will be prompted to answer 2 additional questions to complete your registration. Please enter your name and a non-Company email address. Failure to do so may result in you being deleted from the list!

Dave Cafagna