Participate in the AFL-CIO Day of Action on Oct. 3

The road to the White House runs straight through Michigan.

This election year, you have more options than ever for making your voice heard. Whether it’s voting by mail, early voting or casting your ballot at your polling place on Election Day, make your plan to vote today! Find out more at

Join the Michigan AFL-CIO for a day of action Saturday, October 3rd at 2p.m. for our union family. We’ll hear from a special guest speaker, then go through a quick training together before we hit the phones to talk to our brothers & sisters about returning their absentee ballots! Sign up here.

We hope you’ll make your voting plan and please consider joining us October 3rd. This election is too important to sit on the sidelines!

We need to fight for issues that are important to us – economic justice in the workplace and social justice in communities across Michigan. This means union members and their families need to turn out to vote on November 3, 2020. Join brothers and sisters across Michigan in volunteering to support pro-labor candidates up and down the ballot this year. Visit  to find out more.

Dave Cafagna