Local 223 Appoints New Treasurer – Bill Dyer

Local 223 General Council selected Bill Dyer as the Local 223 Treasurer on June 3. The General Council selected a new treasurer because of the time frame to the next election in January, according to Local 223 Trustee Leroy Huckleberry who oversaw the selection process.

The selection was an historic and unusual event due to this happening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The voting occurred on the first hot, humid day this year. We did selection in the parking lot and people were very understanding considering the circumstances we’re in due to the coronavirus,” said Huckleberry. “We practiced social distancing and brought people into the hall in small groups to vote due to the need for secret ballots. Everyone wore masks, gloves, and we gave out individually wrapped lunches with sandwiches and bottles of water.”

Dyer has served as Fermi 2 Board Chair for more than eight years and six years prior to that as the Chief Steward. He has worked at Fermi 2 for 19 years.

Prior to Local 223 and DTE Energy, he served in the United States Navy for 10 years and was a Hull Tech Nuclear Welder, E-6.

Congratulations Bill! We look forward to your leadership!

Dave Cafagna