2021 Negotiations Update

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

I am writing you this letter to help you understand the timelines that are ahead of us. The most important dates are June 5, 2021 for the Electric CBA and October 9, 2021 for the Gas CBA, these are the last days of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement’s (CBA).

Negotiations are anticipated to begin in early April and will continue until we get an agreement. I invite all of you to sign up for access to the Local’s website, local223uwua.org, for updates. There is also a Local 223 Facebook page where info will be posted. Text messaging will also be utilized as needed. We plan to post 2 to 3 times a week to keep you informed. We know that emotions can ride high at these times so it is our intention to keep you up to date and let you know how things are progressing.

Local 223’s Executive Board will be the Negotiations Committee as per our Constitution and I will be the main spokesperson. The experience level at main table is quite high and rest assured that all of us will be working in the best interest of the membership. We have been working with the National and other entities such as actuaries, attorneys, etc., to help train the Executive Board and General Council. Training will be ongoing until we officially start in April.

Currently, most Bargaining Units are involved in departmental negotiations. Once main table negotiations begin, we will still be available but there may be longer wait times for someone to respond. If there is a pressing concern, I encourage you to contact your Bargaining Unit Leadership for answers. They will be available to escalate issues as needed. The Benefits@Local223uwua.org email address will also be available to help with issues such as retirement info, medical help etc.

Sisters and Brothers, we must remain united, our strength lies in our Solidarity as a Union Family.


Dave Cafagna