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Web Links

Local Organizations - Online Information

Michigan American Legion

Labor Studies - Online Information

Wayne State University   - Wayne State Labor Studies Center.

Wayne State University   - Walter P. Reuther Labor Library.


Labor Organizations

AFSCME   - American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Communications Workers of America   - CWA Home Page has a great Labor Links Section

Change to Win Coalition   - About 7 million members recently disaffiliated from the AFL/CIO

I.C.E.M.   - The International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers   - Representing 750,000 workers

International Brotherhood of Teamsters   - The Largest Union in America

IAFFonline   - Website of the International Association of Fire Fighters

Michigan State AFL/CIO   - The Michigan State Federation is over 600,000 members strong

Monroe Fire Fighters IAFF Local 326   - Local 326 is affiliated with the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union & IAFF

Monroe County Labor History Museum   - Web Home of the Labor Legacy Monument

National AFL/CIO   - The National AFL/CIO Represents over 13 million workers

Service Employees International Union   - The SEIU represents 1.4 million members

Unions in the AFL/CIO   - A complete listing of Unions affiliated with the AFL/CIO

United Food & Commercial Workers   - The UFCW Represents 1.4 million workers Nation Wide

United Auto Workers   - Home Page of the United Auto Workers an outstanding Labor Website

United Mine Workers   - Home Page of the United Mine Workers, Lots of Info and Labor History

United Steelworkers of America   - National Homepage of the USWA


Union Services


Electrical Engineering Schools   - 95+ Top Electrical Engineering Schools

United Electrical   - Basic Tips on Running a Union Meeting

Association for Union Democracy   - A pro-labor, non-profit organization promoting Unionism

CareerBuilder.com  - Internet leader in job awareness business in the US Marketplace.

Corporate Campaign Inc.  - The Nation's #1 Strategist for Labor Unions

George Meany Center  - The Home Page of The George Meany Center for Labor Studies

HeadlineSpot.com   - All the headline News 365 Days A Year

Labor Educator Inc.   - Labor publications for the greatest impact at the lowest possible cost.

LaborNet  - Global online communication for a democratic, independent labor movement

Jobs With Justice   - Working to improve workers standard of living and protect the right to organize

LaborNet Union Directory   - Alphabetical Index of Unions on the Internet

Labor Notes   - Putting the Movement Back in the Labor Movement

L.L.James Union Printer   - Full service Union Printing online.

Michigan Labor Legacy Project   - Site of the Labor Legacy Monument

Working Life  - Working Life is a project of Labor Research Association, a non-profit 501-c-3 organization.

National Consumers League   - Representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues

Roberts Rules of Order   - Robert's Rules of Order - Summary Version.

Sweatshop Watch   - Sweatshop Watch serves low-wage workers nationally and globally

Unions-America.com   - America's Union Internet Hosting Service Provider

How to Buy American   - Supporting American-Made Products from American-Owned Companies

Union Plus.Org   - A whole host of services for Union Members.

Union Built PC.  - Union Built Computers by members of Local 223

Union House - Union Clothing   - Union made clothing and other merchandise

No Sweat   - Bienestar International manufactures union-made footwear & casual clothing under the brand name No Sweat

Union Made Clothing.com   - Another site dedicated to offering American Made-Union Made apparel

All-American Clothing Company   - Union Clothing proudly made by members of UFCW local 1099

Justice Clothing.com   - Union Made Non-Sweatshop Clothing available on this site

Union Communication Services Inc.   - Publishers of communications and educational tools for unions



Labor Reference

American Labor History   - An OnLine study guide to Labor History in the United States

Labor Hall of Fame   - The Labor Hall of Fame exists to educate people on the history of unions,

The Samuel Gompers Papers   - The Life and Works of the founder of the AFL.

The History Place - Great Speeches   - An impressive collection of speeches from historical figures



U.S. Labor History - Historic Events

The Haymarket Riot of 1886   - This tragedy took place during the fight for the 8 hour workday.

The Pullman Strike of 1894   - The first National Strike in the USA involving 150,000 workers.

The Triangle Fire of 1911   - The deaths of 146 workers led to wholesale reform of building safety laws.

The Battle of Matewan - 1920   - This coal company ambush was the deadliest gunfight in U.S. history

The Flint Sitdown Strike of 1937   - This 44 day old strike was the UAW's first Major victory.


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