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Mission Statement

The mission of UWUA Local 223 is to provide its members with a voice in the workplace and in the larger community. Our goals are to protect and improve the wages, benefits and standard of living of our members and their families, to insure a safe and healthy workplace, to affirm the dignity and value of our members and the work they perform, and to create a more just and secure workplace and society.

We accomplish our mission by:


  • the active involvement of our members;
  • effective bargaining and representation at the workplace;
  • active participation in the political and legislative process;
  • the active pursuit of alliances with other unions and organizations who share our concerns; and
  • organizing to increase the strength and influence of the union as a whole.


Our work is guided by our belief in the right of all workers to participate in decisions which affect them and to be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. Through our advocacy for the humane and effective use of human resources, we enhance the lives of all employees and the performance of the company. We believe that our strength depends upon the democratic participation of all members and our willingness to stand united for our mutual gain.

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General Contact Information

U.W.U.A. Local 223, AFL-CIO
15160 Commerce Drive North
Dearborn, MI 48120-1225

Phone: 313-271-9700
Fax: 313-271-9920

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