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Benefit Research Links

Healthline - Search Engine for the Web's best Health Sites

eMaxHealth - Great Personal Healthcare Site

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

HSA Insider.com - The Nations Leading Authority On Health Savings Accounts

HSA Frequently Asked Questions - A Q&A on Health Savings Accounts

HealthDecisions.org - Weekly Updates on Health Savings Accounts.

Health Savings Accounts - A brief description of how Health Savings Accounts work

Health Savings Accounts Seminar - A One-Hour Live Web Seminar from the Karis Group

ManagedBenefits.net - Breakdown of the Features and Benefits of Health Savings Accounts.

AHIP Guide to HSAs - A guide to HSAs, HRAs, FSAs and MSAs.

HSA Questions - Are Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) the right prescription?

HSA Links - Useful HSA Links from the Department of Treasury

HSA Answers - Answers to HSA questions from Kiplinger Washington Editors.

Truth about HSAs - The Truth About Health Savings Accounts from ThinkProgress.org

Health Savings Accounts Work - The CATO Institute believes Health Spending Accounts work.

Are HSAs really for you? - 5 Tips: What are they and how will they affect your healthcare?

HSAs Slow to Catch On - Despite tax savings, few consumers have signed up for the plan

401 K Plans

401 (K) Resource Guide - A 401 K Resource Guide from the Internal Revenue Service.

A Look At 401(k) Plan Fees - A Look At 401(k) Plan Fees from the U.S. Department of Labor

401KHelpCenter.com - What is a 401k plan? Here Is A Quick Overview.

About 401K Plans - About 401K Plans - What You Need to Know.

Retirement Plans - 401(k) - Retirement Plans - 401(k) Info from Invest-FAQ.com

IRC 401K Plans - IRC 401(k) plans are the most popular type of retirement plan used today.

What is a Rollover - Frequently Asked Rollover Questions.

The 401(k) plan Overview - 401K Plans defined by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Welcome to 401K - 401K Information from Fidelity.com

401K Plans Explained - Benefits of a 401(k) by Oppenheimerfunds.com

Welcome to 401kHelp.com - The "401k Help" section of FundAdvice.com

Flexable Spending Accounts

FSAFEDS.com - Flexable Spending Accounts (FSAs) information from FSAFeds.com.

IRS on FSA Accounts - IRS approved limited carryover of FSA balances from Bankrate.com.

FSA FAQs - FAQs on Flexable Spending Accounts from University of Arizona HR Dept..

Maximize Your Benefits - Maximize Employment Benefits with Flexible Spending Accounts.

NCPA Idea House - Flexible Spending Accounts info from the National Center for Policy Analysis.

More FSA FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Flexible Spending Accounts from Ceridian.

FSA Tax Advantages - Tax advantages of FSAs as seen by Lesley University.

FSA Overview - Flexible Spending Overview from the Department of Civil Service.

FSA Fast Facts - Flexible spending account information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

FSA Reform - FSA The Case for Reform by National Center for Policy Analysis.

Benefits of HSA - The Best Way to Save on Health-Care Costs - Smartmoney.com.

Paid Time Off Plans (PTO's)


Sick Leave vs. Paid Time Off (PTO) - An article about Paid Time Off Banks from About.com.

PTO Plan of Local 134 IBEW - The PTO Plan of Local 134 IBEW at University of Chicago.

Paid time off (PTO) benefit program - An article about PTO Banks from UC Davis Health System.

Should You Offer a Paid Time Off Bank? - An article about PTO Banks from BLR Business & Legal Reports.

FAQs on Paid Time Off(PTO) Changes - An article about PTO Changes from Harvard Law in PDF Format.

All-purpose 'paid time off' alters the workplace - An article about PTO concerns from Boston.com News.

Gambling on Luck-Based Benefits - That long-awaited vacation may not leave time left in the bank for getting sick.

Paid Sick Days Legislation - A study on Paid Sick Days and who takes them by the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP).

CCH Survey On Unscheduled Absenteeism - CCH Survey Finds Unscheduled Absenteeism Up in U.S. Workplaces.

Pleasures and Perils of Paid Time Off Plans - An article about the "Drawbacks and Advantages" of PTO Plans.

Example of a Paid Time Off Plan - A PTO Plan as offered by Carnegie Mellon University.

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Defined Benefit Plans: - Information on Defined Benefit Plans from Investopedia.

Defined Benefit Vs Contribution Pension Plans - Advantages and disadvantages of both

Defined Benefit Tips and Traps - Defined benefit pension plan: Overview.

Defined Benefit -Retirment Planning - Defined benefit Overview from AARP.

Defined Benefit Plan Resurgence - Defined Benefit Retirement Plans are coming back.

Defined Benefit Pension System - U.S. Chamber of Commerce Position on Defined Benefit.

Pension Crisis - NCPA report on Defined Benefit Pension Crisis in America

Pension Crisis - NCPA report on Defined Benefit Pension Crisis in America

CBO Testimony - Senate Finance Committee testimony on future of Defined benefit Pensions.

Congressional Bills on Pension - Govtrack.us listing of pension legislation in Congress.

Defined Benefit Pensions - Pension plan differences defined by the AFL/CIO

Cash Balance Pension Plans

Cash Balance Pension: - Q&A on Cash Balance Pension Plans from the Labor Department

Cash Balance Pension FAQs - FAQs on Cash Balance Pension Plans from the Labor Department

Cash Pension Blues FAQs - U.S. Employee Pensions are Shrinking...

Cash Balance Pension -AFL/CIO - Cash-Balance Conversions Without Protections.

Disappearing Pension - The Bosses' Cash Balancing Act

Private Pensions - Large PDF File on Cash Balance Pension Plans

Cash Balance Future Unclear - Topic - The Low Down on Cash Balance Plans

Retirement Saving - Report on Cash Balance Pension Plans and Older Workers by AARP.

Cash Balance Legal Issues - CRS Report to Congress on Legal issues of Cash Balance Pensions.

HealthCare Daily Reports

New York Times - Health - New York Times Health Care Page

Reuters - Health - Health related news articles from Reuters

CBS News - Health - Health related news articles from CBS News

BNA Online - Health Care Daily Report

Kaisernetwork.org - Daily Health Policy Report

ModernHealthCare Online - Outstanding HealthCare Info Updated Daily


Health Care News Articles

Wall Street Journal Online - Large Insurers Are Big Winners In New Medicare Benefit

At Costco: hot dogs, free food and health insurance - Costco-Health Net partnership targets small employers

Who's making money off the health care crisis? - Almost everyone, really.

Study challenges recycling of surgical instruments - Recycled surgical instruments pose an infection risk

Hospital Competition: The Unusual Suspects - "Hospitals have competition??"

Nonprofit hospitals examining charity care practices - Hospitals expected to provide extras

DRA Allows States to Expand Coverage - New options for Medicaid Programs

Prescription Drug Troubles - Cracks in the Pharmaceutical Supply chain

EHR's for Fed Workers - Bill to Promote Electronic Health Records .

Mobile Heatlh Care Records - Group to push mobile access to health info .

Personalized medicine initiative hopes for grant - Custom care at core of hospitals' info bid.

Medicare "D" Concerns - New Offensive on Medicare Drug Benefit

Flu Vaccine Update - FDA creates rules to speed development of flu vaccines

First Bladders Grown in Lab Transplanted - Breakthrough Shows Promise for Organ Creation.

U.S. care quality trails other nations - U.S. Health Care Lags in Quality, Access


Related Links of Interest

PGBC.Gov - Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation - protecting Americas Pensions.

Types of Pensions - Pension Study from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Pension Plan Health - How healthy is your company's pension plan?.

Pension Rights Center - Working to protect your pension rights.

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