The way the program is set up the Company will pay the first $60.00 toward each pair of safety glasses that you are entitled to. Everyone who wears prescription glasses is entitled to a minimum of one pair of glasses. You may be entitled to more than one pair of glasses depending on what your job duties require. The contract language, job hazard assessments or mutual agreement between your business unit management, the Union and Corporate Safety, can determine this. Once what you are entitled to is determined then the Company will pay the first $60.00 toward each pair of glasses that you order.

If it is determined that you are entitled to prescription safety sunglasses and you want polarized lenses you can order them that way. You must understand that all of the cost associated with your selections, like the frames style, lenses choices (blended bi-focals or lined bi-focals) all add up to a final price for that pair of glasses. Keep in mind that the Company will only pay the first $60.00 toward the total cost of each pair of glasses you are entitled to, you are responsible for the balance. If the glasses cost $145.00, the Company pays the first $60.00 and you have to pay the balance of $85.00 for that pair of glasses.

This would be for every pair of glasses that you order. Corporate Safety requires your Supervisor to go to the Corporate Safety web site and fill out the Supervisors Request Form, this ensures that SVS will have it on file when you go to the SVS location and start the process. The only restrictions that exist in the program are the amount and style of frames that are available. There are no designer frames included in the program that I know of. Listed below you will find a link to a price chart showing the cost associated with what’s available in the Local 223 DTE Safety Package to help you understand the cost involved with your choices.